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Jan 292015


Under contract!!!  YAY!

Matt and I put our house on the market on Thursday the 15th as we had someone requesting a showing before it was officially listed, it had been listed as Coming Soon a few days prior.  We had planned to list it on Friday but were able to get everything done by Thursday.  We had a few more showings on Friday and received our 1st offer on Saturday.  The couple didn’t have a pre-approval so we waited for that before we made our counter.  On Monday, once they got their letter, we countered.  Negotiations continued on for several days and by Wednesday night we had received another offer.

Our Realtor told everyone to submit their final offers on Thursday.  Thursday night we had an offer we liked and accepted.  By Friday morning we were officially Under Contract!

We have everything lined up for the new house now. Final walk through with the builder is the 11th and we close on the 18th. I am super excited we are able to close sooner than we originally expected.  We gave ourselves some time just in case our current house took longer to sell.

So that’s where we are.  I need to start packing because I don’t have much time.  We have some moving companies coming this afternoon to give us quotes but only for moving.  Packing will be on us.

Jan 222015

I decided not to make you wait for the rest of the house. I’m so nice. ;)


Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom


Master Closet – This will mostly likely be my closet.


Master Closet – Mostly Matt’s closet


Master Bathroom


Master Bathroom – Tub


Master Bathroom – Shower


Kelly’s Craft Room


Half Jack Bathroom – Connects to bedroom #3


Half Jack Bathroom – Vanity Area


Bedroom #3


Bedroom #3


Ensuite bedroom. This is the biggest of the bedrooms.


Ensuite Bathroom


Ensuite Bathroom – Notice the NEW vanity!!!! Looks soo much better. I’m really glad we were able to get a bigger vanity.


Back of the house. I LOVE our screened in porch. This was one of the selling features of this house. Eventually we will put a patio area on the side by the stairs. 


Front porch. Because I forgot to post one yesterday.

You may have noticed the Master Bath is the only bathroom currently with a mirror. This is on purpose. I have mirrors for all the bathrooms except the Ensuite. I was waiting to see what the vanity would look like before I bought something for in there. I have a “Pinspiration” bathroom for the Ensuite which has a Pivot Mirror above the vanity. Now that I know what size it is I will probably buy one I found on Amazon. And once I paint the vanity it will be my Pinspiration bathroom! ;) Just don’t tell Matt. He’s not really digging the whole “let’s paint the Ensuite vanity” idea. But I think it would look AMAZING!


Jan 212015

Now that the house is basically finished I thought it would be good to do a house tour.  Matt and I were over there this weekend and managed to finally get pics of all of the rooms from various angles.  I’m going to break this post up just so it’s not picture overload!

My front door still isn’t the right color but that should be fixed soon.  I also want the crossbars removed.  I want to frost the front door and put our house numbers in the middle but I can’t do that with the crossbars.


Front of the house




Dining Room


Kitchen with Light Grey cabinets and dark island


Breakfast nook / Kitchen


Living Room


Living Room / Breakfast Nook / Kitchen

Mudroom bench, next to first floor bath and Matt’s office.



First Floor Bathroom


Matt’s office. There is a closet to the left.


Stairway.  The bonus room is to the left.


Bonus Room / Media Room


Laundry Room (with sink!!!) on the 2nd floor.

I will post the upstairs bedrooms along with the back of the house tomorrow.


Jan 202015

Last night as Matt and I were getting ready to go to sleep, I heard my email alert on my phone.  It was almost a quarter till 11 (yes, I know we are old ;) ) and I normally wouldn’t bother looking at my phone but with all the showings we’ve had in the past few days I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a showing alert.  I grabbed my phone and saw I had a blog comment.  I figured it was spam until I read it.  Umm holy cow!

Not only was this NOT spam, ya’ll, it was someone famous!  Author L.N. Cronk managed to find my blog!  But not only did she find my blog,  she commented on my 2013 Book Review post that featured her Chop, Chop series.  A series of 8, or 9 as she graciously pointed out ;), books that span across the life of a boy and girl from highschool to death.  The series will tug at your heartstrings as you follow their journey through life.  I will say again, the series is rooted in religion though I didn’t find that it distracted from the overall storyline.

When I first started my blog like 5 years ago, I had dreams of being a “famous” blogger.  As time has passed, I’ve realized 1) I’m not a really good writer, not that I ever claimed to be and 2) this blog is for me.  Should people see it and find it interesting, YAY and welcome!  That would make me extremely happy but the days of me being a “real” blogger have gone to the wayside.

Can I just say, I’m still kind of freaking out that L.N. (we are besties now :D) commented on my blog.  I’ve had a huge smile since last night.  I really just think it is the coolest thing!


P.S. I am going to try to do a house tour this week.  I finally have good pics and the house is basically done.  I also should have some updates on our current house.


Jan 142015

Matt and I ran over to the house on Sunday morning but I think we went too early.  No one was working so we were unable to get in.  The biggest thing I noticed as soon as we drove up was the mailbox!!!!  YAY!!! Needless to say I was pretty darn excited about that. We had grass in the front yard and the door had been painted.  Unfortunately the door was black.  I emailed the builder’s agent and was told there was a “paperwork” issue.  She said my paint color had been approved and the door would be repainted to the correct color.


image4 (2)

As we walked around we noticed there were a lot of spots that had been filled/repaired on the front porch.  It makes me happy to see they are noticing some of the same small details and correcting them before we even notice.  I did notice one of the railings on the screen porch is lower on one side than the other.  I’m sure the builder will see and correct this before I mention it but at this point it looks like we are in the home stretch.

I was also told the new vanity is in!  The builder’s agent said she walked over on Saturday and it looked really good.  I’m really excited to see it.  I plan to go over at lunch one day this week. I’m currently working from home due to icy roads so I don’t think it will happen today.

Speaking of the ensuite bathroom, aside from finding a mirror, which I can’t do until I see the vanity, I have everything ready for that bathroom.  I found a shower curtain on clearance at Kirklands for $8.00.  They also had a picture that coordinated and after some debate I went back and bought it.  I basically got the bathroom done for under $35.00.  I liked the shower curtain so much I decided to put it up now while we show this house.  I think it really looks great!  My vision for that room is coming together nicely.  :)



In other news, we are planning to list our current house either tomorrow or Friday but we already have a showing for tomorrow.  We decided to do a “coming soon” listing and were able to schedule an early viewing. :)


Jan 072015

I did this post last year too and I like the idea of keeping a list of books I read throughout the year.  The current tally is 50 books!  WOO HOOO!  That was my unofficial goal for the year.  It was also a rather pricey year for books at Casa de E.  hehe.  Thanks to mint.com Matt was able to pull up how much I’d spent on books.  Whoops.  It was a little more than I expected.  I feel like this was the year of the series though.  I got sucked into several  numerous series this year.  Most of the books weren’t more than a few dollars but it adds up for sure.

A Demon’s Wrath: Part 2 (Peachville High Demons Book 8), Sarra Cannon

Demons Forever (Peachville High Demons Book 6), Sarra Cannon

Rival Demons (Peachville High Demons Book 5), Sarra Cannon

Shadow Demons (Peachville High Demons Book 4), Sarra Cannon

A Demon’s Wrath: Part 1 (Peachville High Demons Book 7), Sarra Cannon

Beautiful Demons Box Set, Books 1-3, Sarra Cannon

Hard to Come By: A Hard Ink Novel, Laura Kaye

Thirty-Three and a Half Shenanigans (Rose Gardner Mystery), Grover Swank

Conquer Me (Royals Saga, Book 2), Geneva Lee

STRIPPED, Part 3, Kellie Perkins

STRIPPED, Part 2, Kellie Perkins

Billionaire Unmasked ~ Jason (The Billionaire’s Obsession), J. S. Scott

Being Neighborly: a novella, Carey Heywood

One Night with a Billionaire, J. S. Scott

BROKEN SYMMETRY: A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller, Dan Rix

Command Me (Royals Saga, Book 1), Geneva Lee

STRIPPED, Kellie Perkins

Crash (Billionaire New Adult Romance), Vanessa Waltz

Going Down (Wish Upon A Stud – Book 1), Elise Sax

Hard to Hold On To: A Hard Ink Novella, Laura Kaye

Shattered Hearts (Shattered #1), Octavia Wildwood

The Job Offer, Eleanor Webb

PSYCHOPHILIA: A Disturbing Psychological Thriller, Michelle Muckley

Thirty-Two and a Half Complications (Rose Gardner Mystery), Denise Grover Swank

Thirty-One and a Half Regrets (Rose Gardner Mystery, Book 4), Denise Grover Swank

Thirty and a Half Excuses (Rose Gardner Mystery, Book 3), Denise Grover Swank

Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons (Rose Gardner Mystery), Denise Grover Swank

Business as Usual (Off the Subject Book 3), Denise Grover Swank

Redesigned (Off the Subject Book 2), Denise Grover Swank

A Separate Peace, John Knowles

After Math (Off the Subject Book 1), Denise Grover Swank

Top Secret Twenty-One: A Stephanie Plum Novel, Janet Evanovich

Hard As You Can: A Hard Ink Novel, Laura Kaye

Hard As It Gets: A Hard Ink Novel, Laura Kaye

Presumed Dead (A Dylan Scott Mystery), Shirley Wells

The Back Road, Rachel Abbott

Only The Innocent, Rachel Abbott

Worn Me Down (Playing With Fire, #3), T.E. Sivec

Because of You (Playing with Fire, #2), T.E. Sivec

Sleep Tight , Rachel Abbott

A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire, #1), Tara Sivec

Here (YA Romance), Ella James

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mystery), Denise Grover Swank

The Last Year Boxed Set, Books 1-4, Trisha Leigh

Last year I kind of got on a paranormal kick.  I’m not normally one to read about things like witches, demons, or aliens, but this year found me reading about all of these things.  Mostly the books are well written and suck you in.  Here are a few highlights from the past year.

The Rose Gardner Mystery series by Denise Grover Swank

These books are similar in style to the Janet Evanovich series I’ve read for the past few years.  The difference being Rose has a gift for seeing things that will happen in the future.  It could be something as mundane as a dog running away or something big like a murder.  Her “visions” find her in a series of comical adventures which lead to a relationship with a local State Trooper.  Over the course of the series (which isn’t complete) Rose finds herself in numerous bad situations caused by her visions.  The books are funny and well written.  By the time I finished the last one, I’d say I was a tad bored with the series as a whole but I also read most of them back to back.  I will more than likely keep my eye out for the next book and read it when it comes out.

If you hadn’t noticed I’ve developed a little bit of a thing for Denise.  Something about her books draw me in.  If you are looking for a new author check her out!

The Playing with Fire series by T.E. Sivec

I stumbled across these books when I was looking for something a little more “adult” oriented.  I was pleasantly surprised that the storyline was actually good.  The sex scenes were steamy but played well into the storyline.  This series is about 2 friends who set out to find the truth behind what happened when one of their friends is tragically killed. Book 4, the last of the series, came out in Sept but somehow I missed that one so I will be downloading it later today.  :)  You can now buy the series as a boxset if you’re interested.  I would definitely check out this series if you like a little spice and a fast moving story. (ETA: I read book 4 in a day and it deals with pregnancy loss. It was quite the tear jerker. I think you could read the first 3 books and not miss if you don’t read the 4th book)

The Hard Ink series by Laura Kaye

Not a bad overall plot but the individual storylines pretty much the same: troubled guy meets girl in some extraordinary circumstance and falls in love.  All of the books take place over the course of a week or two.  A group of dishonorably discharged Army buddies come together to find out what really happened on a mission gone wrong involving their commander when the commander’s son goes missing.  His daughter contacts one of the guys and the group is reunited in order to save the son and clear their names.

The Peachville High Demons by Sarra Cannon

I finished the year with this series about witches and demons.  Harper is a teen that has been bounced around from foster home to foster home when she finds herself at a home for girls in Peachville GA.  Once arriving, Harper starts to discover that Peachville isn’t your ordinary small town.  The town has secrets and she is about to be thrown right into the middle of them.  It turns out Harper comes from a long line of witches from Peachville.  The story unfolds as she falls for Jackson, a demon from another dimension.  Together they set out to right the wrongs being done the demon world by the Order of Shadows witches.

Happy New Year!





Dec 122014

Last weekend I hosted a baby shower for a friend at my mom’s house.  Her house is about 10 mins away from our new house.  Once the shower was over, mom and I decided to go check on the house progress. I was peasantly surprised to see lights were up and fixtures were in.  As part of our offer, Matt and I asked for upgraded bathroom fixtures in the Master bath.  It really was such a small thing but something I am now super happy we asked for.  I think it really looks nice and adds a little something to the room.


Master bath tub


Master bath sinks

Mom and I also ventured up into the attic.  There was a good bit of room up there but the stairs are really steep so I’m not sure how we’d get anything of substance up there. But you can get up there if you need to.  Coming down was an adventure because the stairs are so steep it was kind of scary.  I told her I had been there done that, and I wasn’t going up there again!  ;)


Attic looking towards the front of the house.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the lighting package.  I’ve known from the start I would replace the dining room light.  I fell in love with a chandelier from World Market.  I’m not that crazy about the foyer light so I have a feeling that will be replaced at some point too.  The bathroom lights are fine but I might replace the globes eventually.  They just seem a little plain.  But really, I’m just so happy with got this house!


Dining room


Foyer (kind of blah)

IMG_4040 (1)

Island Pendant – which we both LOVE

The other builder we were considering finally has some of their houses for sale.  The plan we were looking at is for sale with about 700 sqft less than we got and pretty close to the price we are paying.  I feel like we got an EXTREMELY good deal from our builder, plus I think our house will be much nicer in the end.  Not to mention it’s already appraised for more than we paid. ;)


Kitchen faucet and tile. Tile will have white grout (though I kind of like it dark, it’s too late to change now)

Subway tile around the fireplace! Really glad we changed this.


View into the kitchen.


Mud bench. It will be painted the same as the doors but the bench will be left natural.


The door color


Laundry room cabinet and SINK!!!! I am so excited to have a sink in the laundry room!

While we were there, we stopped by the office.  The builder’s agent was on site and I wanted to check in with her.  She told me that her and another agent agreed the vanity in the Ensuite bath was too small.  She was going to work to see if we couldn’t get it changed out.  I must say it doesn’t look as bad with the vanity sink and lights in but it’s still not ideal.  I really just hope they change it out for something a little wider.


Ensuite vanity and light

Matt and I will be running by the house this weekend so I should have more updates next week.


Nov 252014

Friday we took Matt’s parents to the house. I heard the cabinets were in and I suspected the flooring was down but man were we surprised. All the hardwood had been laid, all the cabinets were in, and the moldings and shelving were in.

I am in LOVE with the kitchen cabinets!!!! They are everything I hoped and more. They are beautiful! I couldn’t be happier if I’d actually gotten to pick out our cabinets. The floors are equally amazing. You can see the variation in the wood and it’s going to look great once they’ve been sanded down and poly’ed.

Matt and I were totally surprised to see they had the moldings and shelving done. The bookcases beside the fireplace were also done and look great! We were both glad we decided to have them be cubby style. We had the option to have one component and one cubby or both cubby. Cubby was totally the way to go.

The only thing I wasn’t really happy with was the vanity in the Ensuite bathroom. It is comically small. I’ve emailed the builders agent to see if that is the correct vanity but I haven’t heard back. I’m sure she will say yes. I’ve told Matt it will have to be replaced because I think it’s going to look stupid and well, dinky. I’ll have to find out how much it will cost to upgrade, otherwise it will have to be changed once we move in. (Which won’t make Matt happy but oh well.) In my townhouse I was able to find a vanity on CL for about $50.00. Maybe I’ll luck out this time unless we can get the issue resolved.












Nov 182014

Matt and I ran over to the house on Sunday to see what progress had happened over the week.  As soon as we walked in the door we saw a huge pile of wood flooring in the dining room.  There was another large pile in the living room.  Somehow even with 2 piles it didn’t look like it should be enough!  Then I noticed some tile items.  I immediately went to the downstairs bathroom.  WE HAVE TILE!  I checked upstairs and all the bathrooms and laundry room were in progress as well.  I have to say, I was a little bummed the hardwoods hadn’t been started yet but we are starting to see progress!


I will say the title isn’t exactly what I wanted but overall it’s not bad.  I would have preferred white marble in the master (I’m all about some white rooms!) or at least the new 12×24 tiles but those weren’t an option and well the white marble was more than Matt was willing to spend.  In any case, I think the tile looks good.


Downstairs bathroom


Upstairs Guest Bath (half Jack to bedroom #3)


Ensuite bath (aka guest suite/bedroom #4)


Laundry Room


Master bath – looking at the vanity area


Master bath – tub


Master bath – shower

I’m hoping for more progress by the end of the week.  Matt’s parents are coming to town on Friday and we will take them to the house to look around.  This will be their first time!


Nov 172014

I know, I know.  I seem to change skin care routines all the time.  It’s nice now that my skin isn’t so super sensitive, I can change things up for time to time and not worry.

This new routine is a mix of several previous skin care routines.  So here’s what I’m currently using:


I start with Coconut Oil.  I scoop out a little bit with my fingers and massage the oil into my skin.  I find this is a good way to breakdown your makeup.  Once I’ve massaged my skin I will use a cotton round with a little Coconut Oil to remove my eye make up.  I would suggest lightly wetting the cotton round, otherwise you’ll get cotton fibers stuck in your eye lashes.  Once I get the majority of my eye makeup off, I flip the cotton round over and wipe off the rest of my face.  You will still have a decent amount of oil on your skin.  And most times I will actually use whatever oil is left on my hands to massage my skin a bit more.  I basically just use the cotton round to remove the makeup before massaging more oil in.  You can do this as long as you want.  Some nights I take my time and others I just do a quick once over before moving on to the next step.  This is the facial massage I kind of follow, but not really.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h022_ZDnv0&app=desktop

Once I done massaging the Coconut Oil into my skin, I get about a quarter to half a pump of my Cereva Cleanser.  I add a little water and rub it on my skin but just enough to get the product on my skin.  Then I use my Olay Pro-X to cleanse the rest of my skin.  This doesn’t actually remove all the oil but I feel like it does a good job of removing any remaining dirt.

After I rinse my face off, I pat it dry and apply 3 drops of the Rosehip Oil.  True Rosehip Oil does NOT smell like roses.  It has a very earthy smell.  Matt says my face smells like grass after I apply it.  The Rosehip Oil absorbs pretty quickly into the skin (like 5-10 mins).  I then apply my Mary Kay eye cream and moisturizer.

As you can see, this is kind of a process but it seems to be working pretty well for me.  My skin has gotten drier as I’ve gotten older and I really like using oils.  I feel like my overall complexion has evened out some since I’ve started this routine.  I also feel like my blackheads getting better.  I haven’t had any crazy breakouts either.  I would recommend this routine for all skin types.  Dry skin needs the moisture and oils actually help oily skin not over produce oil.

You can also search the blog for OCM and that will pull up a post or two regarding the Oil Cleansing Method.  You could do this with Coconut Oil instead of the process I am currently using.