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Oct 022014

Holy blog batman!  It’s been a while.  There is not much to report lately.  I’ve been busy with work.  I was moved to a new group and so far things are much better.  I am still doing what I was doing but the group is more organized now with a good manager. :)  It also looks like I might be able to expand my current position. There is nothing currently going on with the house.  Not much we can do until the lots open up and we see what the prices will start at.  I am pretty hopeful it will work out because I am literally dreaming about the house plan we have picked out.  I am super excited about possibly building a house.  I know we will have to make some compromises but it’s very exciting!

I will try to have a review of my new fiber lashes this week.  I’ve had them for a few weeks now but I’ve only used it a few times.  I don’t feel like I need them every day but I do think they work pretty well so stay tuned.

I also have a couple of craft projects to complete.  I finally broke down and bought a wooden E that I plan to cover with wine corks.  There is no shortage of corks at the house so I need to start sorting through them to see which ones will work the best.  I also have all the items I need to make a ring holder.  I think I want it to be a surprise because there is a fun, whimsical aspect to it.  We don’t have a home game this weekend so I should have the time to work on one or both.

Hopefully I will have a review and at least one project to post next week. :)




Sep 082014

Okay so I am FINALLY doing my review on the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream.  I’ve had this product for a few weeks now and I must say, I really like it.  Do I love it?  No.  Would I repurchase?  I’m not sure.

Let’s review it.  First off it has a nice thick consistency but, to me, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.  I feel like it “melts” into my so it doesn’t feel like I have foundation sitting like the Lumi does.  Next, the box says it is medium to full coverage.  Eh, I think it’s more of a light to medium coverage.  Now maybe this is purely based on application.  I tend to buff my foundation in pretty well.  I don’t really care to have foundation sitting on the skin.  And well, I’m not great at building coverage so…yeah.  The foundation has a bit of a citrus scent but I don’t find I can smell it once it’s on my skin.  Apparently, the scent comes from the snail exact?  That’s just something I found online.

One thing I really like about this foundation is the finish.  Since I have oily skin, this gives me a nice velvety finish.  I don’t find it to be matte but it’s also not dewy.  Even by the end of the day, I don’t really feel too shiney.  I also feel like it has pretty good staying power.  I normally set it with my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder.  I should add, I don’t think the powder really helps to keep me “matte” but I do like the powder.

Like I said, I’ve worn this for a few weeks now and even after being out in the hot this weekend and last weekend, I felt like my makeup held up pretty well.  Saturday Matt and I went to the NC State game and when we got home I took a pic of my makeup.  It lasted through fairly hot temps for several hours.

Okay, I guess I should discuss why I don’t love it and why I might not repurchase.  While I love the finish, honestly, I don’t feel like there is anything so super special about this foundation.  It has a nice finish and pretty good coverage.  It has pretty okay staying power, but for the money I feel like there are other things out there that should work just as well right?  Overall, I’m not completely blown away by it.  (My favorite foundation of all time was from Estee Lauder but it has since been discontinued for the Double Wear – which I am also not a huge fan of but might revisit at some point. )


This is full finished makeup.


This is after the game on Saturday. I’d had makeup on all day plus 4+ hours of being outside in the heat and sweating.

My next review will be a review of some new fiber mascara!  :O

Aug 252014

I’m going to switch it up and not actually post anything beauty related today. I know you’re shocked! Ha! With #operationhousehunt under way, Matt and I slowly started to work on our “to do” list for the house. One project included sanding and repainting the bathroom vanities. The paint was peeling on both of them and the plastic coating on one of my doors had started to pop off.

First off, can I just say, who in the hell thought it was a good idea to cover cabinet doors with plastic? Anyway, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Goo Gone
  • Sand paper and/or power sander
  • Paper towels (damp and dry)
  • a plastic scraper
  • screwdriver/exacto knife
  • Kilz (or any primer paint)


Okay, so step 1 is to remove the plastic from the doors and panels.  On all but one of the doors and panels, I was able to get a little edge pulled up and peeled from there.  I had one panel that was really stuck so I used an exacto knife to get under the edge to get it started.


Next, use your Goo Gone to remove some of the adhesive.  I tried sanding first and the adhesive just clogged up my sandpaper.  The adhesive also gummed up into little balls from the sandpaper.  The Goo Gone didn’t remove all of the adhesive but it did help.


Once I felt like the adhesive wasn’t as sticky, I wiped everything down with a damp paper towel.  Then I used my sander.  There were still a few spots that gummed up so I used my plastic scraper to scrape off the excess.  You can kind of see it in this pic.  I used about one piece of sandpaper per door.  Even though the adhesive isn’t very sticky, it was still on the doors.



After all the doors and panels had been Goo Gone’d and sanded, I wiped them down one more time with a damp paper towel to remove any excess dust.  I used a dry paper to clean them up and then we started painting.  We used 2 coats of Kilz and about 2 coats of our cabinet paint.  The doors weren’t quite as smooth as I had hoped they would be but overall it looks much better.


I should add, I didn’t bother to remove the plastic coating from the back of the doors.  It’s white and I’m a little lazy. ;)  It just didn’t really make sense to add the extra step though you could.  I also didn’t bother taking a pic of the final product.  Since we still need to paint the bathroom and replace the flooring, I’ll do a before and after when everything is complete.


Aug 212014


I couldn’t stand it so yesterday when I got home I washed my face and immediately reapplied the new Bare Minerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. I put 2 drops on my brush (I used the ELF Flat Top Kabuki) and started to buff it out.


Immediate first impression, yuck! I continued to try to buff the foundation in but I felt like it was clinging to the peachfuzz on my checks. Next I noticed it looked pretty streaky and was sitting in my pores. I buffed for a quite awhile and never really felt like the foundation was settling into my skin. I added 2 more drops to my brush and proceeded to do the rest of my face. My nose was still pretty red even after I’d finished. I tried to add a little more but it just sat in my pores.

I think this pic reflects how I felt the foundation actually looked. It’s super cakey and uneven.


Next I decided to add some concealer under my eyes. I’m currently using a Rimmel one that I really like (I like it better than my Mac Prolongwear). It’s not too heavy and doesn’t seem to crease too bad considering the lines I always have. The concealer sat and caked under my eyes. As you can see I didn’t use very much. I actually used a little less than I do on a normal basis.


I wore the foundation for the rest of the night and noticed that after an hour or so the foundation started wear and “melt” more into my skin. While it didn’t look bad, it didn’t look great. It actually just looked pretty greasy.

This is the foundation alone.

This is with powder.

In order to give this a fair shake, I decided to wear it to work this morning. I have to say the application this morning was a little better than yesterday afternoon but I only used one drop instead of two. I basically used one drop on each check, my forehead, nose and chin. I still wasn’t happy about the coverage or the feel. My under eye concealer did go on a little smoother today. That could be because I put it on a little more quickly. The foundation continued to feel tacky even after I applied powder. Lots of powder. I will say that from afar it didn’t look terrible this morning. The color is actually very nice. Honestly, that’s about the only good thing I can say about this foundation.

I know there are tons of people out there that love this foundation, and I really hoped I would be one of those people. Unfortunately, I’m not. For me peronally, this foundation is a huge miss! Again, I have naturally oily skin and uneven skin tone. I think if I had pretty flawless, normal skin I might be singing a different tune right now. I dislike this so much I will be taking it back to Ulta. I will be replacing it with the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I’m hoping to have better results. I’ll do a first impression of this one too incase anyone is interested.


Aug 192014

A few months ago Bare Minerals came out with their very first liquid foundation, the bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation.  Needless to say, I have been DYING to try this stuff but due to my recent foundation swapping Matt would kill me if I bought something else so I’ve waited.  Add to that the fact that we are now in hard core save mode and I thought I would be waiting a while longer before I got my hands on this bad boy but alas, tomorrow it will be mine!!!!  I volunteered to do some testing at work which will give me a $25.00 gift card.  My testing is from 11-12 and I will immediately drive over to Ulta to buy my new foundation.

I’ve watched numerous tutorials/reviews on Youtube and read numerous reviews online.  For the most part, it seems like people love this stuff.  But there are the few who don’t like it.  I know no product is everyone going to please everyone and that’s okay.  I just really hope I fall in the love category.  I currently LOVE my Lumi but it doesn’t have tons of staying power plus it seems like make me oilier now that summer is here.  But really, we all know I just love makeup.  I can’t help it. ;)

My plan is to try my new BM foundation on Thursday so as long as work isn’t too busy I will write an initial review on Friday.  I would like to write a follow up review about a week after that as I’ve seen some people say you need to give it a chance and find what works for you.  So we’ll see how it goes.  Wish me luck!


Aug 132014

I found this pic on my phone over the weekend and realized I never actually posted the final product.  Whomp whomp.  Even worse, it was like a year ago.  Oopsy.

Backstory, a friend was having a baby and decided to do a superhero themed nursery.  In true Kelly fashion, I decided to make her something.  I decided on subway art with superhero slogans.  I was lucky we were pretty slow at work so I was able to work on my project in my free time.  (I like to work on crafts at work, shh, don’t tell. ;) ) First I had to figure out what slogans I could use.  There were a few I knew but I had to research quite  a lot to finally get enough to fill the space.  In the end I used 16 slogans.  I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy find that many that I thought were appropriate and short.  I think my subway art turned out really well considering.

I also decided to customize the Superman logo and change it from an “S” to a “D”.  Baby’s name started with a D.  :)  It’s been so long I honestly can’t remember how I did this.  I either found the image on a Google search or I used an online tool to change it.  I can’t believe I can’t remember.  Anyway, I made it work.

I just ordered more fabric the other day to make another baby blanket for a coworker.  This will be my 5th one?  I’m pretty excited about the fabric I got.  This will be my second girl one.  I’ll post some pics when I get finished.  I feel like my baby blankets are getting better, and I am getting much faster.  The process now takes me about an hour from start to finish.  That includes cutting, pinning and sewing.


Aug 082014

After I burnt the hell out of my hands trying to curl my hair I went and got it cut.  In the process my stylist added more layers. I normally have a decent amount of layers in my hair but the last haircut, we cut some of them out and went with a few long layers.  Long layers aren’t really good for helping my hair curl.  Well on Saturday, I showered and then went downstairs to eat some breakfast.  This turned into me sitting on the couch interneting for a while too.  By the time I got upstairs to put on my make-up and dry my hair, my hair was almost dry.  And curly.  Like really curly.  So I went with it.  I hit my roots with some heat and straighten out my bangs.  I then added a little water in a few spots that were a little less curly.  What’dya know?  I have curly hair again! So explain to me why I’ve been burning the shit out of my hands trying to curl it?  HAHA!


This weekend

My hair used to curl like this all the time a few years ago.  It was affectionately named my “porn hair” several years ago.  I’m not sure what it is about me with curly hair but men seem to like it, a lot.  To the point of being a little creepy. (My husband is excluded from this group.)  Anyway, I stopped wearing it curly for a really long time, mainly because a coworker always make comments when I wore that way.  Said co-worker no longer works with me so it doesn’t really matter anymore.  I feel like I might start to wear my hair curlier now.  I’m kind of ready for a change but cutting my hair is not an option.  I’ve worked too hard to get it as long as it so currently.  It’s probably close to as long as it’s ever been.  YAY!!!  So curly hair is the one thing I can do that is a change without going shorter.

curly hair

This is from 2007. I love these waves.


Jul 312014

The other day I decided to try and curl my hair. It was getting kind of late and I put minimal effort into it. I’d done my homework, watching numerous Youtube videos, and thought I could do it. Several really bad burns later I ditched my effort with only about half my hair done. It didn’t look great and my finger was hurting pretty bad.

About 10 mins after my failed attempt I looked down and noticed I had a nice blister forming on my finger. BOOO! :(


I was kind of bummed over my failed attempt but decided to give it another go on Saturday. Matt and I didn’t have any plans so I figured if it flopped it was no big deal. Much to my surprise, it actually turned out pretty well! AND I managed to not burn the hell out of my hand this time. After the first try I really thought about what I was doing and realized I should be holding my curling iron differently. You see, I’m using my curling iron as a curling wand since I think it’s ridiculous to buy a wand when my curling iron will do basically the same thing. I figured out that for the right side of my head I should hold the iron/wand with my left hand and wrap the hair around with my right hand and vice versa for the other side. YAY! (Sometimes I can be smart!)


Curly hair, don’t care!


This is my burn a few days later. Hello scar!


Jul 282014

A few months ago my skin was super dry. I’d seen a few Youtubers raving about L’oreal Lumi foundation but at the time I’d just spent $45.00 on some Stila foundation. I knew Matt would not be happy about me wanting to try something else. I was chatting with my mom one day and she mentioned she had some Lumi that she’d bought and only used a few times. The next time I saw her she gave me the Lumi to try. I immediately fell in love but the color she had was a little dark so I had to buy more in the correct shade. Now that summer is here I’m back to the darker shade mom gave me.

Anyway, the problem now is that my skin is back to it’s old oily self. Add foundation that has tons of hydration and well, yeah. I bought some Rimmel Stay Matte powder but that didn’t help. Next I decided to try some stay matte primer. I’d heard about the Rimmel Stay Matte primer on Youtube and for $5.00 decided to give it a go. Um, needless to say, it did NOT work, like at all. I tried it first on Saturday over my regular moisturizer and I still was pretty oily in a matter of a few hours. I figured I didn’t really give it a good shot so on Sunday I skipped the moisturizer and used it alone. A few hours later I was back to oily. The problem is that I LOVE my Lumi! I love the finish, and I love the coverage. Overall, I’m a fan!

This morning I mixed in some of my Clinique BB cream and I decided to use some of my Dewy Finish Setting Spray by NYX. My face doesn’t currently feel like an oil slick and I’m going on a few hours of wear. I must admit that I have already lightly blotted my face but it wasn’t terrible. The look on Matt’s face when I sprayed my newly applied makeup was pretty priceless. He was like “WTH are you doing?” HAHA! Boys!

I feel like the last few months have been one continuous foundation hunt after another. If my skin isn’t dry, it’s oily or vice versa. Maybe one day I’ll find a happy medium.