Sep 032015

Matt and I knew that when we bought a new house there were various items that would need to be upgraded.  Our bedroom furniture is on that list.  We are currently in possession of my childhood furniture set.  However, this set did not come with bedside tables so a few years ago I bought some cheap side tables from Walmart.  We couldn’t have anything too large in our old room at the townhouse.  These fit nicely even though they were cheap.

Since we moved I’ve been randomly keeping my eye out for various pieces of furniture.  Hence the dining room table sans chairs right now. 😉 About two weeks ago I was on FB on one of the buy, sell, trade sites I follow and someone posted a set of small chests for $120.00.  I commented for dimensions and said I would be interested if the first deal fell through.  The next day I received a PM from the lady.  The chests were available, and they were just about the right size!  I im’ed Matt and he said “whatever”!  I PM’ed the lady back, asked if she would take $100.00 for the pair and the next day I went to pick them up.  They weren’t in perfect condition but they were in good condition.  I just needed to decide on a paint color and I was in business.

For a while now, I’d been looking at new chests.  The only problem was that most of the new chests were 1) more than I wanted to spend and 2) too tall.  Our bed is pretty low so we needed chests that were under 30″ tall.  Most new chests are several inches over 30 which I knew Matt would complain about.  The used chests came in right at 28″ tall which makes them only a few inches taller than the bed and not uncomfortable while reaching up from the bed.

The weekend I got the chests, Matt and I ran to Lowes to look at paint colors.  I ended up choosing Morning Fog by Sherwin Williams.  It’s a really pretty light greyish blue color.  I was a little worried there wouldn’t be enough contrast between that and the wall color but decided to just go with it.  First I primed the chests and drawers with Kilz.  Then over the next few days I painted the chests, and then the drawers.  Within a week I had everything done.  (Which was kind of shocking!) Originally I had planned to use the pulls that were on the chest and just spray paint them but then I realized almost all of them were pulling apart and Matt didn’t really think he could fix them.  I searched on Amazon and fell in love with some antique looking glass knobs but they were $17.00 for a set of 4.  I would need 12 and I wasn’t sure I really wanted to spend $50.00 on knobs.  In the end, that’s exactly what I ended up doing.  The chests were really cheap so I figured I could splurge a little on knobs.

For just over $150.00, I was able to get us new bedside tables and they turned out AMAZING! The knobs really add a little something and the color blends nicely with the room.  Seeing how well these turned out, kind of makes me what to buy the Hurdal dresser and chest from IKEA, paint them and add the same knobs. (Side note, we saw these at IKEA and they are quite large and sturdy which is the only reason I’m really considering them.) That would redo our whole bedroom (chests included) for under $1000.00.  I told Matt I’m not really ready to take on this project but it might happen soonish. 😉

image3 (3)

Before: Our small crappy little tables.

image2 (4)

The chests before, during, my knobs, and after.

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Oct 302012

Thursday night Matt and I ran to Costco to pick up our new mattress.  We knew we wanted to have everything so Friday afternoon we could get the party started.

Friday afternoon we moved our current bed to the spare room.  The plan had been to sleep in there over the weekend but more on that a little later.  Anyway we got everything cleaned up and ready for the new bed.  We bought a great bed from Overstock which I mentioned looks just like the Collette bed from Crate and Barrel and man was I impressed.  We opened the boxes and all the fabric parts were wrapped in a cloth like fabric.  We took the headboard upstairs and unwrapped it.  Much to my surprise the nail heads went all the way to the rails.  The picture on Overstock shows them stopping several inches above so I was super happy this was not the case.

We grabbed the rails from the garage and began assembling the bed.  The install was pretty easy to be honest.  There is one rail that isn’t completely flush with the footer rail but it’s not really noticeable with bedding.  Once we got the bed together it was time to assemble the slats.  Matt looked and looked and apparently our bed didn’t come with instructions.  Great!  It took us a few minutes to really figure out what the heck was going on.  This was made more complicated by the fact we seemed to be missing some nuts.  I ran downstairs and thankfully they were in the corner of the box.  Once we had the nuts we were able to figure out what what going on.

Next was the “hard” part.  We had to bring the 150 lbs mattress up 2 flights of stairs.  It was packaged in a box so that made it a little easier to maneuver   I wasn’t exactly sure how this all would work but Matt seemed pretty confident we would just put it on the slats and let it go.  I helped him get it out of the box and sat back to video our experience.  It was pretty cool to see this king sized mattress stuffed into a box and then watch it expand.  It didn’t take too long for the mattress to almost reach it’s full height of 12 inches.  Later that night it was over 11 3/4 inches so I was happy with that.

Our plan had been to let the bed sit over the weekend but I slept so bad Friday night and Julio was all confused and didn’t sleep so we sucked it up and slept on the new bed Saturday night.  The mattress is rather firm.  It feels nice but I think I expected to sink in a little more.  I think the room looks really good now.  We just have a dresser that needs relocating. 😉




Oct 102012

For weeks now I have been scouring the internet looking for an affordable bed.  I’ve found a couple here and there that I liked but the ones I really liked weren’t platform beds and getting a box springs was out of the question.    Yesterday I ran across one Matt had nixed a few months ago.  As I was rereading the comments I noticed one that said this bed was almost identical to the Colette bed.  I had just looked at Crate and Barrel and thought the name sounded familiar.  Sure enough the bed I was looking at looks just like a Crate and Barrel bed listed for almost $2000.00.  The bed I was looking at on was less than half that price.  🙂

I sent Matt the link to the Overstock bed again along with the link to Crate and Barrel bed.  I think that did it.  I think him seeing this bed against a much more expensive bed that looked almost identical was enough to say fine.  Finally, this morning, he told me to order the bed if that was the one I wanted.  YAY!  Our new bed has been ordered and it should be here within the next 6 weeks {though I am hopeful it will be much sooner}.

Our Bed

C&B Colette

{The only difference I can see between these 2 beds besides the price tag are the feet.  Another thing that I find funny is the bedding on the bed we are getting is the same bedding I had a few years ago but I used the lighter side on top.}

Now we just need to get a mattress.  The compromise is that Matt wanted a king size bed if we were getting a new one and I wanted a fake temperpedic mattress.  So far, I’ve run across several knock off that are really inexpensive.  Now they might not last more then a few years but that’s okay too.  As for bedding, I think I’m going to stick with the colors we are currently using.  I might have a plan for this but I’m not sure yet.  🙂


Jun 082011

Last weekend Matt and I ended up going over to Triangle Town Center mall.  There’s not a whole lot there but they have this really awesome store called ZGallerie.  I love to go in this store and look around.  I would love to buy some of there stuff but it’s a little pricey and I’m not sure how Matt would feel coming home to some of the items they have.  Of course I think it is all fantastic.  🙂

Anyway, while we were there looking through the art work I found a couple of neat prints.  They gave me an idea.  Since they didn’t match our bedroom and well they were $90.00 each, which isn’t that bad, I’ve now decided to make something similar.  I just need to find something with a pattern I like and colors that match our room and then I can frame them.  My first thought was fabric and over the weekend we were by a fabric store so I made Matt run in.  I found a really cool print in a sample pack but they were out of the bolt.  Booo!  There is another fabric store closer to work so I decided to run there during lunch today.  I looked and looked and they had a lot of fabric but nothing I really thought would work.  Plus there was a really long line at the cutting station.

Since I seemed to be out of luck in the fabric department it hit me that I might could find some cool napkins that would work.  This would also keep me from having to deal with figuring out the repeat of a pattern and measuring.  Because I pretty much suck at measuring. 🙂  There was a World Market next to the fabric store so I headed next door.  I looked at everything from gift wrap to bags to pillows as I made my way around the store.  When I finally got to the kitchen and dining section I realized they didn’t have anything either.  They had some cute stuff but nothing that would match our bedroom.  All in all it was pretty unproductive.

Now I am on the search for something with a cool pattern that will do with the blue and brown I have in the bedroom.  Hopefully I will find something soon.  If and when I do I’ll post some pics.