Jul 292013

I am working from home today since I didn’t sleep well last night.  I’m hoping to squeeze in a lunchtime nap.  A little while ago I ran to the mailbox and noticed how nice it was outside.  I LOVE being able to have our windows open.  To me, there is nothing better!  So when I came back in I decided to open the kitchen window.  There is a tiny breeze that I feel every so often and it’s making me yearn for fall.

I know I’ve said this before but there is something about fall in North Carolina!  It is THE. BEST. SEASON!  I used to spend my days yearning for Spring (might have to do with my birthday) but not now.  Fall is where it’s at.  I love the crisp mornings that turn into a nice day.  Not too hot and not too cold.  Just right.

I hope this weather stays but I know it won’t.  We are about to enter into August so that should be fun.  But I am really grateful for days like today which give you a small taste of what’s to come.

Hurry up Fall!


Sep 262012

I am lusting over wedge boots.  Fall is quickly approaching and with the ever popular skinny jeans fad (which I broke down and bought) I feel like I need a pair of tall brown boots.  I have a black pair and I have a pair of cowboy boots from Lucky Brand but I don’t have any semi dressy brown shoes/boots.

I know Matt isn’t going to be happy with my newest obsession but really, I mean a girl needs shoes.  And he should know this.  You should see his shoe collection, it puts mine to shame.

The only problem is I don’t want to spend a lot of money on more boots.  I think $50-$60.00 would be fine.  I’ve found a few cute options but I have to decide what I think I would like more.

This cutey is from Target and only $39.99.  I LOVE the look of this boot but I’m scared the heel would make it a little unpractical for every day wear.

The next pair I found is a cute little number from DSW.  They are $49.94 and I think they would be everything I wanted.  Sorry I can’t get the pic to copy from the site.

Hopefully I will find something soon.



Sep 062012

Have I mentioned how excited I am for college football?  No?  Really?  Weird because I LOVE college football.  This past weekend kicked off the 2012-2013 season.  Unfortunately both our teams, Auburn and NC State lost.  Matt and I thought about going to the games since they were being played on Friday and Saturday in ATL but after watching the games, I have to admit I’m glad we didn’t spend the money.  I would have been pissed had we gone and both teams lost!  Booo!

I am also really excited for tailgating.  Matt and I have season tickets to NC State but the first home game is another week away.  The home schedule isn’t that great this year but since Mom and Dad will be moving back in a few weeks I’m hoping we can get a few extra tickets and them then and my cousin from Greensboro and her husband to a game.  I’m not sure mom and Krissy will totally but up for a game but I think we could get them to tailgate for a while.  I know the guys would be down for a game though.

With football season comes fall.  I’ve always thought spring was my favorite season but I am becoming increasingly more intrigued with fall.  Cool crisp fall mornings and days, boots and sweaters, brightly colored leaves.  Ahh!  All the good things.  🙂


Nov 182011

Has been beautiful this year.  The leaves have been amazing shades of red, orange, yellow and green.  Each morning as I drive to work I am in awe of how beautiful it all is.  I am pretty bummed that I haven’t taken a single pic. 🙁  Bad Kelly!

Just as the leaves hit their peak, the clocks changed and any thoughts I had of taking pics after work were gone.  Damn you day light savings time.  Oh and if I haven’t mentioned, I hate turning the clocks back.  I think I’d much rather get ready in the dark then drive home in the dark.  How am I supposed to do anything after a long day of work when it’s pitch black out?


Oct 292011


Of the season!  YAY!  Today is one of those cold, yucky, fall days that just begs for you to come home and cuddle on the couch and start a fire!

I love having a fireplace.  Even as I sit here Julio continues to think he should try and put his head and tootsies in the fireplace.  Crazy cat!  I’m not sure why he doesn’t understand it’s hot.  We had this issue with him last year as well but he was just a kitten back then.  He’s not a little cat anymore.

Happy Friday



Oct 112011

Today was one of those days that as soon as you get out of bed you realize it’s just one of those days.  You know those days that are rainy and dreary and chilly out.  The kind that is only good for curling up in bed and napping and watching tv and you know fall is finally here.  Yep that’s the kind of day it was.  Well aside from the fact that work didn’t get this memo so instead of spending the day curled up in bed I spent it at work at my desk.  Um, BOO!

I am really enjoying fall.  I hope it sticks around for a while.  It seems like summer was sooo hot and lasted entirely too long.  I used to say that spring was my favorite season but fall in North Carolina is pretty awesome.  The leaves turn beautiful colors of orange, red and yellow.  Football starts, hell yay!  Oh and the air just smells amazing.  Like fresh cut grass or pine trees and clean air.  {I’m not even sure how air can smell but in the fall it smells great!}

Oh and let’s not forget that during fall you can start using the fireplace.  I mean who doesn’t love to cuddle in front of a fire?  And  you can make chili!  YUM!  This is what Matt and I are having for dinner.  🙂