Apr 102013

A week or so ago I went on an online shopping spree at Old Navy. They had some adorable dresses and I decided to buy a few. I ordered 3, two were the same style but different colors (one was red the other a green stripe)and the third was just different. Much to my disappointment 2 of the 3 were too big, and not the two that were the same. The red one  looked a little big but I figured once it was washed and dried it would fit and I was right! 🙂 It actually looks adorable on.

I ran to Old Navy last week to return the dressed I bought and see if a smaller size would fit. One they didn’t carry in the store and the other I decided against. I tried on a few things but seeing as I was on my lunch break I didn’t really have time to shop shop so I got a refund and decided I would go back over the weekend.

Matt and I ran down there on Sunday and I found a few items to replace the ones I returned. One item was a cute Chambray dress. I’m not a huge Chambray fan but I decided to try it just to see. Turns out, it was adorable on. I wore it to work yesterday and felt super cute and stylish. (My normal wardrobe of jeans doesn’t really add “stylish” to my everyday feel.) Several people even commented on how nice I looked so I am looking forward to wearing my new dress again soon! It also makes me want to throw out my current dresses and start over. I tend to pick the same style all the time and then I wonder why I don’t care for what I have. I’m really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I paired with a chunky red necklace and some neutral wedges (that you can’t really see).  Super cute!


Sep 262012

I am lusting over wedge boots.  Fall is quickly approaching and with the ever popular skinny jeans fad (which I broke down and bought) I feel like I need a pair of tall brown boots.  I have a black pair and I have a pair of cowboy boots from Lucky Brand but I don’t have any semi dressy brown shoes/boots.

I know Matt isn’t going to be happy with my newest obsession but really, I mean a girl needs shoes.  And he should know this.  You should see his shoe collection, it puts mine to shame.

The only problem is I don’t want to spend a lot of money on more boots.  I think $50-$60.00 would be fine.  I’ve found a few cute options but I have to decide what I think I would like more.

This cutey is from Target and only $39.99.  I LOVE the look of this boot but I’m scared the heel would make it a little unpractical for every day wear.

The next pair I found is a cute little number from DSW.  They are $49.94 and I think they would be everything I wanted.  Sorry I can’t get the pic to copy from the site.

Hopefully I will find something soon.



Jun 182012

But every now and then I actually have fashion stuff so here goes.

Last weekend Matt and I went to his parents house to the beach. I mentioned his cousin Emma was in town, well as we were leaving his dad wanted a few pics of the 3 of us. Later his mom posted the pics on fb. After seeing those pics I decided I wasn’t really digging my long hair. Now mind you I’ve been growing it since before the wedding but seeing made me realize I was ready for a change. Not a huge change but a change so I made a hair appt for Saturday. When I got the salon I showed the girl a pic and told her to cut it. Aside from my bangs being just a tad too short I am really happy. The length feels good and I think it looks pretty cute. I also think it makes me look younger, though I’m not sure that’s on the plus side. 😉 ( posting from my iPad so the pic is at the bottom.)

I also wanted to share a little makeup tip since I’m fashion blogging today. A while back a blog I follow on twitter mentioned she was using Olay total effects 7 moisturizer. A little research said it was suppose to improve your skin tone. Well I have pretty crappy skin tone so I love to try things that might help to even it out. I even switched to Clinique’s even better foundation. (Matt wasn’t having the $80.00 for a bottle of the even better serum so this was the next best thing.) The foundation was just a tad heavier then I really wanted for summer and while we were in NYC I decided to compare that with my Bare Minerals. I decided I was digging the Clinique but I wanted it a little lighter so I added some of my Olay total effects to the foundation and blended them on my skin……ahhh perfection. It adds just the right coverage without feeling to heavy. I finish with my BM mineral veil powder to set the look. For me this is a great solution plus I am tone correcting. And to be honest I do feel like my skin tone looks a little more even in the few weeks I’ve been doing this.

I would definitely recommend both products to anyone looking for a change or those who might need a little tone correcting.



Apr 032012

I may have gone shopping this weekend and it may have resulted in some sparkly earrings, another pair of wedges, and *gasp* skinny jeans.

I don’t think I’ve really discussed my dislike for skinny jeans.  Now I don’t think they look bad on everyone but well let’s just say I think they should be worn with discretion.  Anyway my closet is starting to fill up with cute shoes, cute shoes that are mostly hidden underneath jean legs.  My only real option, skinny jeans.

Over the weekend Matt and I ran by American Eagle so I could try on a pair of skinny jeans.  I mean up until now I’d not had a reason to even try them on but I needed a new pair of jeans and well, you know the shoe issue.  I grabbed a couple of pairs and finally decided on one.  I don’t think they look horrible but I do feel a little hippy.  I wore them to work today, along with my new wedges, and dare I say I actually felt kind of stylish.  *AAHHH*  I know right?!?!

So I’m still not completely sold on the whole skinny jean craze but I think they will do for summer.



Mar 282012

But today I’m going to talk a little fashion. 😉  Last week I posted about the adorable Jessica Simpson heels I bought.  Last fall I found a great J Simpson bag at Stein Mart.  I pretty much love everything about it and I intend to buy another one of her bags.  It is really nice and looks and feels like a quality bag.  All in all I have been more then impressed with her items.

Well today I couldn’t help myself.  I ran to Stein Mart to look for some flip flops but as I was browsing the sunglasses I noticed she also has sunglasses!  OMG!  I was pretty excited. 😉   A lot of them were a little bigger then I like but I did find a pair that looked great on.  They are a little bigger then my current sunglasses but those are all wonky and drive me nuts.  And these were only $16.99.  Score!  Again these sunglasses feel really nice and much nicer then the other comparable sunglasses.

Bottom line, I love all the Jessica Simpson lines.  She is slowing knocking Nine West out of my life.  I do wonder if she will move to baby items when she pops.  I kind of hope so, though that could be really bad. 😉


Mar 172012

Because let’s face it.  I am officially on vacation and well I’ve been too busy to do a Pinterest post. 🙁  Bad I know.  But anyhoo, I got new new shoes!  Woo hooo!

A few years ago I bought a super cute pair of black patent open toed, sling backs from Target.  They were awesome.  I wore them all the time and they looked amazing.  Well in true fashion I wore those puppies out.  Like I wore them long after the tip of the heel broke off.  Finally I knew I had to throw them away and I was pretty sad.  Anyway, I started looking a few weeks ago for another pair with no such luck.  And last night Matt and I were getting our clothes together when I figured out I couldn’t bring/wear a certain dress because I didn’t have shoes to match.

Today Matt and I were eating lunch before I ran to TJ Maxx to exchange a belt I got him a few weeks ago.  Turns out he needed a bigger size.  Shhh! 😉  As we were talking he was like “and find you another pair of black shoes.”  Okie dokie.  😀

I ran through the shoe section at TJ Maxx {have I mentioned they opened one down the street from my office?  Well they did and I LOVE it!}  I was just about to give up when I saw a super cute pair of nude open toed, sling backs by Jessica Simpson.  They were a size 6 and I decided, although a bit snug, they would work.  Then I turned the corner and realized they had a whole display of them, including a 6 1/2.  Score!  I tried those on and sure enough they fit like a glove sock.  Now I have super cute nude shoes.   I’d been thinking about nude shoes for a while and this pretty much made my decision for me.

Cute huh?


I noticed once I got home they have a bit more gold then I could see in the store.  In the store they were definitely nude.  Oh well.  You know I love gold shoes too. 😉


Nov 112011

I bought tights today.  {shakes head}  But *I* pledge to wear them for good not trashiness, nor will my crotch show.  I will wear my tights under dresses and only under dresses.  These I will NOT wear even under long sweaters because I know the difference.  😉

But seriously a friend is having an at home reception tomorrow night and I needed a new dress plus my work Christmas party is in a few weeks and well what girl doesn’t need a few new dresses.  I ended up finding 2 that I really liked so I bought both of them.  One I plan to wear tomorrow night and the other for the Christmas party.  I think only one will really look good with tights though.

Since Matt and I have been super slackers in the pic taking department maybe we’ll take a few tomorrow night.  I can show off my new dress and Matt can show off his facial hair (in honor of Movember he is not shaving, we are both curious to see how it goes.)  😉