Mar 242014

I spoke with the vet on Thursday and the good news is Hal doesn’t have hyperthyroidism and she is not diabetic.  The bad news is, the vet told me she was honestly “not sure what’s wrong with her.”  Short of doing a rather costly ultrasound, the vet didn’t offer much else.  She did say we could put Hal on a really high dose of steroids and see what happens.  This could help if she has some sort of inflammation or cancer or something else.  Seeing as this was the more cost friendly option I told her we’d try it!  Don’t get me wrong, we love Hal, A LOT, but the fact is, she’ll be 14 in August.  She’s getting up there in age and even if they found cancer or something else, we most likely wouldn’t do surgery and I’m not sure we would go for the cure-all method.  The only thing I don’t want, is for her to be in pain or discomfort if possible.

For now she’ll take steroids and in a month we’ll take her back to the vet for a weight check.  If she’s gained a little weight, she’ll remain on the steroids.  And honestly, one dose of liquid meds a day is not a problem.  In fact, she seems to like it!  Go figure!  The last couple of days I’ve been struggling to get her mouth open so I can squirt the meds in. We’ve managed to get some on her, on the floor, on me, on the bed.  Pretty much everywhere.  Well last night I went in the kitchen to get it ready and she followed me.  Matt made a comment to her that she might not want to go in the kitchen and we both laughed.  As she was standing there, I reached down and put the syringe  up to her mouth to let her smell it.  Much to my surprise, she started licking it.  We finally managed to get it all in her mouth with no struggle at all!  I felt a little silly for not trying that sooner.

In the few days she’s taken the meds, I feel like she feels a little better.  She hasn’t been sick at all and seems to have a good appetite.  I really hope this continues to work for her.  Having a sick kitty is no fun!


Mar 172014

I don’t talk much about Hal on the blog but last week she got sick and started throwing up multiple times a day.  It’s not unusual for her to be sick but after the second day or so of her throwing up multiple times, Matt and I decided it was time to take her to the vet.  I dropped her off Friday morning and waited for the vet to call.  Around lunch she called and told me Hal had lost a considerable amount of weight since 2012.  Like the equivalent of a human losing 90 lbs.  She was concerned.  {I should say, Matt and I realized Hal had lost weight but we didn’t really know how much.  We attributed her weight lose to Julio but the vet said even that wouldn’t equal this kind of weight lose.  I should also add, she is still a smidge overweight.}

The vet wanted to order some blood work.  She said she heard a grade 3 heart murmur but that it could be caused by hyperthyroidism.  I guess Hal was right in “the grey area” last time her thyroid was checked.  After doing some research, it would seem she has a lot of symptoms for hyperthyroidism.

  • Weight Loss – The most common complaint that takes hyperthyroid cats to the vet is weight loss. These cats remind me of the pink panther – they are lean in the extreme. Perceptive owners notice that although their cats are losing weight, their appetite is normal or increased. This is because the pet’s metabolic rate has accelerated and it is using up food calories just as fast as it can consume them.
  • Increased appetite – Most hyperthyroid cats are eating more to meet their increased need for calories. You will hear them munching more and complaining when their food dish is empty. However, when they have reached the late stages of this disease, their general health deteriorates to the point that they don’t have much appetite.
  • Poor hair coat – Many hyperthyroid cats appear unkempt. Some no longer groom themselves the way they used to while others over-groom themselves to the point where their hair coat is thin or ragged.
  • Fast heart rate – It is very common for hyperthyroid cats to have an abnormally fast heart beat. Your cat’s normal relaxed heart rate at home should be 140 to 200 beats per minute. It will often be faster at the animal hospital due to fear. Many cats with hyperthyroidism have heart rates of over 200 even when they are relaxed at home.
  • Increased drinking and Increased Urination – This is also common occurrence in hyperthyroidism. Your cat’s increased thirst is due to the increased thyroxine in its system. It’s increased urine production is due to its increased water intake.
  • Vomiting – We do not know why some cats with hyperthyroidism vomit. It occurs in hyperthyroid humans as well. Perhaps it is due to the increased amounts of food they eat, or perhaps to the direct effects of their high thyroxine levels on stomach motility and portions of the brain.

The vet also mentioned Pancreatitis.  I haven’t really researched this option since I hope it is less likely the reason.  Her labs were supposed to be back today so I’m just waiting to hear from the vet.  If she does have hyperthyroidism it should be treatable with an inexpensive daily pill.

I’m ready to have an answer because this happened about 2 years ago and we had her teeth cleaned because the vet thought she might have an abscess.  We then switched her to a chicken-free diet since the vet told us some cats can develop an allergy to chicken.  Now we are back to square one, only things seem to be a bit worse.  Hal was sick 3x last night.  As well as being sick Saturday night.

Poor girl.  I get frustrated with her for bothering me in the night when she’s sick but I can’t help but feel sorry for her these past few days.  I’m sure she doesn’t want to throw up all the time.  :/



Jul 082013

Wednesday night after work, Matt and I headed for the beach.  Julio’s had a UTI for the past few days so I was kind of worried about him even though he took his last antibiotic before we left.  The drive out of Raleigh was miserable with torrential rain, then we had to deal with traffic, plus 2 kitties.  Once we got out of traffic I let Julio out his carrier and he seemed to ride pretty well.  He would come sit in my lap, sit back in his carrier, walk around the back seat but he was being  good.

We got right outside of Wilmington when we started to smell something.  Matt said it was probably one of the chemical plants we were passing but as we got to Leland the smell got worse.  We started laughing that Hal had poop’ed in her carrier.  I needed a restroom break so we stopped at a gas station.  I hop out and check on Hal.  Sure enough she’s poo’ed all in the carrier and all over herself.  I grab her out and take her over to a grassy spot.  I tell Matt to get paper towels.  So like 10 minutes later, after he’s futzed around in the back of the car, and finally gone inside, he comes over empty handed.  I’m like “where are paper towels?!”  He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a couple!  WTF?!!?!  At this point I’m super annoyed because I’ve been trying to corral a cat covered in poo.  I tell him to watch her and run back to the car, grab my card, use the restroom, BUY some paper towels and ask the cashier for several bags.  He bags up her carrier bedding while I use the spigot by the grass try to get some of the poo off.  I finally get her somewhat acceptable, we put her in the carrier back in the car and head to the IL’s house.

About 3o minutes later we pull in and I immediately take Hal to the bathroom.  As if it weren’t bad enough she didn’t feel well, she then had to have a bath.  Poor thing acted like she was on the verge of hyperventilating when I finally got her out of the tub and wrapped in a towel.  I cuddled her and then put her in our bathroom to dry off.

In the almost 14 years I’ve had Hal, she’s NEVER had an accident before – anywhere.  The only thing I can think is that the can food I gave her before we left didn’t sit well, plus the stress of riding.

Unfortunately Hal’s favorite toy forever, Fuzzy, was in her carrier.  Of course he was covered in poo.  I decided I would try to save him on Sunday morning but having sat in plastic bag covered poo for a few days the stench was awful.  I couldn’t bring myself to even try to wash him so he ended up in the trash.  I feel really bad since Fuzzy is the only real toy Hal’s ever played with.  She used to talk to him at night.  Cutest thing ever!  Since moving in with Matt and Julio, I don’t know that she’s really played with him but I always felt better knowing Fuz is with her.  I’ve seen other Fuzzy’s around so he may reappear, though he will never be the same.


Jan 282012

Get it?  HAHA!  Poor thing had her dental appointment this morning to have her teeth cleaned and possibly pulled.  I dropped her off before heading to work.  Around 10:30 I received a call from the Vet that the procedure was complete and no teeth had been extracted.

I am very excited they didn’t have to pull any of her teeth.  One that would totally suck for her and two it’s much easier on the wallet.

I picked her up this afternoon and she was not to happy.  Her poor little voice sounds kind of scratchy and weak.  She was very excited to be home.  And a little scared too I think.  I got her upstairs and opened the carrier to let her out and she was shaking.  I held her for a minute until she wanted to get down.  She immediately went to her food bowl and then downstairs.

Matt and I decided to take a little nap and when I came downstairs she was up.  Poor thing, her little eyes are soo big.  She looks pretty high.  🙂  I guess she’s not quite over all the effects of the anesthesia.  I grabbed her old time friend Fuzzy in hopes he would make her feel a little better.  I’m sure she’ll be back to her grumpy old self tomorrow.


Dec 172011

Last night the girls has our 3rd annual ornament exchange.  This is really fun and I love the tradition we’ve started.  It’s fun to go out and buy a cute ornament.  Pier 1 is my fave store for this.  The past 2 years I’ve ended up with really great ornaments.  Last year I got a super cute bell snowman and this year I got a red ball with silver glittery reindeer.  🙂  Now I just need to hang my new ornament on the tree.

I had the day off today so this morning I took Hal to the vet.  She’s been throwing up a good bit lately and I thought it was time to get her checked out.  The vet did some blood work and will let me know the results on Monday.  She also found 2 of her top teeth are really bad.  She said the tooth decay could be causing her to be sick.  My guess is that she isn’t chewing well and it’s making her sick. 🙁  I guess as long as her blood work comes back okay she will go back to the vet in January to have her teeth cleaned and possibly have the 2 bad teeth removed.  Poor girl.  I know she’s getting old but if that will help her feel better we will do it.

Matt and I have also noticed she seems to be walking a little gingerly and the vet confirmed that she has come cartilage wear in her front left leg.  I got her some medicine that should help with repair and she’s also now going to get a little canned food since the med is a powder.  (She LOVES canned food!)

After an oh so fun trip to the vet I ran to the salon to get my hair cut.  I think I really like my new stylist.  A few more cuts and I will know for sure.  Then I hit the UPS store to mail mom and dad’s Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately they may not make it in time. 🙁  That’s what I get for buying dad an odd shaped gift.  One quick trip to the mall and Christmas shopping was officially DONE!  I got home and wrapped presents and I am ready for the holiday!

Wow I feel like I was busy today!


Aug 172011

Halle turned 11 on Sunday.  Her day was filled with much of the usual, napping, napping, eating, napping, hissing and growling at Julio and lastly napping. 🙂

The kiddos get a special treat for birthdays.  They get yummy yummy canned food.  Of course, to be fair, they each will get a spoonful however if Julio starts slacking Hal will slowly make her way to his side of the plate to help him finish.  {How nice of her}

Happy Birthday Halle!  Mommy loves you!