Apr 142012

Monthiversary that is.  We are finally to month 11 and wouldn’t you know it’s on Friday the 13th.  Matt and I decided to make this one a little extra special since we will be in NYC next month so I popped open a bottle of bubbly (a bottle we received as a wedding gift) to go with our Five Guys.  That’s right, we are keeping it classy over here. 😉


Once I got home Matt and I ran to Lowe’s to pick up some more paint and to buy a new patio set.  Thank you AMEX!  We had some more cash back so we decided to buy a new table and chairs.  It didn’t hurt that I almost died the other day when I sat in one of the old chairs.  The bottom literally fell out.  Oopsy.  I love the cushions we got too.  They are reversible and very bright, and not to mention cheap.


I should also mention Julio decided to see if he could fly tonight.  Yeah, he decided to jump off the deck.  He seems to be fine but I had to chase his little ass all the way to the end of the buildings.  Needless to say he got spanked and he won’t be going out, even on the deck, without his harness from now on.  Crazy cat!

Happy 11th monthiversary Matte!  You are the best husband a girl could have and I am thankful each day I found you.  Even when times are tough you are amazing and I love you more each day!


Mar 132012

When you have a really few bad days at the casa you come home to this….


Yep, that would be wine, cookies and Easter candy corn (seriously who even knew they made that!)  But that leads me to what a
wonderful husband I have.  I know I say it ohh about once a month but I truly married a wonderful man.

There are so many things he does that make me so grateful I finally found him.  Mind you I had to move allll the way to NC but I think he was well worth the trip. 😉

I love you Matte!  Happy 10 Monthiversary.  {2 more to go!  Watch out!}


Feb 142012

I came home to a nicely painted house Friday afternoon.  Can I just say how nice it is to have this done?  It probably would have taken me and Matt quite a while to paint the whole area.  So it was really nice to go to work and come home to everything painted.  I’m not sure you can really see the color in the pics but I will post a few.  It’s a subtle difference but I think it really warms up the space and makes it look more finished.


As you can see we had this weird area where the wall and ceiling essentially met.  Matt and I really had no clue as to how to tie this area together.  The painter suggested this and I think it was probably our best option.


Over all I am pretty happy with the overall job.  There is one spot by the stairs that will need a touch up and there are several places above the kitchen cabinets that were missed.  Even though you can’t see them from the floor, I feel like we paid a lot of money and frankly I want it fixed.   I just need to email the painter and let him know.


~And let’s not forget today is our 9 monthiversary.  We are getting sooooo close to  a year.  Watch out! 😉

Jan 142012

Just 8 short months ago on this very day Matt and I were saying our vows to one another.  Now we are husband and wife.  I think it’s kind of fitting (and a little ironic) that on our 8 monthiversary we get this….

That my friends is my elliptical!  YAY!  Matt is currently downstairs in the process of putting this together.  I really am excited.  After the last few weeks I definitely think a little stress relief will be good.

Love ya Matt!  Happy 8 monthiversary!


Dec 142011

Seriously I promise I will stop this nonsense after month 12. But I just wanted to say Happy Monthiversary Matte! I love you more each day. You are the best husband a girl could have and I am thankful for you everyday!


Oct 132011

It’s the 13th again and you know what that means, it’s mine and Matt’s 5 monthiversary!  Holy cow!  Where are the months going?  Before I know it it will be our first anniversary and I can stop celebrating monthiversaries!  😉

Matte, happy monthiversary!  I love you!  *muah*


Sep 142011

And that means it’s our 4 monthiversary!  Wooo Hooo! The months feel like they are flying by.  {I promise I will stop when we hit 1 year}

I am such a good wifey I made Matte dinner tonight.  We had noodles with vodka sauce.  So yummy.

Happy monthiversary hon!  I love you!


Jul 132011

Matt and I have been married for 2 whole months now.  WOO HOO!  Break out the bubbly.  Okay that might be pushing it a bit.  ha!  I think I have convinced him to go to dinner tonight.  YAY!  I mean it is our TWO MONTHIVERSAY and all.  Plus if we go anywhere near the mall I am going to stop and pick up the new shoes I’ve been eyeing for a couple of weeks.  They are a little pricey but home-girl got a raise today.  Watch out!  It really isn’t very much and I know I should be grateful but…..I already feel pretty underpaid so, yeah.

If we do happen to run by the mall I’m sure I will be sporting my new awesome Calvin Klein’s tomorrow.  If that is the case I will take pics.  They are super adorable.

Happy Monthiversary Matt!