Mar 212013

Since Matt proposed the day before my birthday, March 21, 2010, I think this will be a tradition post going forward.


It’s Official!!! Author: aukelly // Mar25,2010

As my birthday quickly approached, I wondered what exactly the day would have in store. I told M that a nice dinner would be fine, no gift necessary. Years of birthday disappoints, break-ups, etc had left me a “Birthday Scrooge”, as a friend would say. It’s hard to be disappointed with a nice romantic dinner out.

I finally decided on a nice Italian restaurant with outdoor seating and M made the reservation for Sunday night. We both decided to take Monday, my actual birthday off. As Sunday rolled around so did the clouds. Over the weekend I received a few birthday cards containing monetary gifts. With money in hand I decided I needed a new dress for the occasion. Well as luck would have it, there was not a cute dress to be found. A last ditch trip to Target ended the dress hunt without a dress but with new shoes. Oh well

When we got home we realized there would be no outdoor dining as the clouds were looking quite ominous. We dressed, complete with new shoes and headed to dinner. While at dinner M told me he had a “silly” gift for me to open that night. I didn’t think much of this as I figured he had found some sort of Auburn memorabilia at a local sports store. After dinner we decided to head to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert. As we were waiting for a drink and cheesecake, I told M that friend of ours had asked me if I thought he would propose. I told her that if he did, he would give me a ring pop first. I explained this was a running joke with M and I. He just chuckled and asked if they still made those. With cheesecake in hand we headed back to the house. Once we were changed and back downstairs M asked if I was ready for my gift. I said sure. I grabbed the box from the coffee table and began to unwrap it. Having no idea what the box might contain, I was quite shocked to see a ring pop right there in front of my eyes. I looked at M and as I turned he pulled a ring out of his pocket. He told me that he wanted me to be his wife and “will you marry me?” I immediately began to cry just looking at him. I finally managed to say “I think I’m supposed to say Maaaaybee.” “HAHA yes!!!” And kissed him. He put the ring on my finger and I noticed he was shaking. Awww how sweet considering he had known my answer for months.

Now a few days have passed and the weight of the ring has become a familiar feeling. With that feeling comes the knowledge that soon enough I will be M’s wife.

~ and just as a side note M did get me an actual gift for my birthday, a cute pink Ipod shuffle

Nov 142011

Thanks to my new Pinterest addiction I found some super cute ornaments I decided to make.  I mentioned a few of these last week.  Anyway I didn’t mention all the ornaments I made because I not only made one for me, I made one for a friend.  She had an At Home Reception on Friday but I wanted to give her hers before I blogged them.

Anyway, I found this great idea on Pinterest of taking a wedding invitation and putting it inside a glass ornament.  How brilliant is that?  Well it’s great.  All you do is cut up a wedding invitation, roll the stripes around a pen and carefully put the stripes in a glass ornament.  I was lucky enough to find some glass ornaments at Big Lots a few weeks ago.  Next I needed to cut the invitation, curl it and stuff it.  {You need to be careful while cutting so you don’t cut any of the wording.}  Once I had that done I found a few charms from Michaels.  For my friend’s ornament I used a palm tree and for mine I used a star fish.  Add some colored ribbon to match and Viola!

I will add that I added the more important wording towards the end.  I wanted to make sure that things like names, dates and places were easy to see.  You can always use tweezers to help arrange the stripes if you need to.  As I’m looking at these pics I noticed I didn’t really get a good pic of mine {the pink one} in regards to wording.  But you can see both mine and Matt’s names.



Jul 062011

This morning I got an email from Canvas on Demand saying my print had been shipped.  I checked the tracking number and it was out for delivery.  WOO HOO!  About 10:30 I got another email saying my package had been delivered.  I grabbed my key fob and headed downstairs.  I couldn’t find my package or anyone around so I headed back to my desk.  While I was running around one of the desk guys brought the box upstairs for me.

I opened the box and pulled the canvas out at my desk but just enough to check it out.  Then I put it back in the box.  I really didn’t want to leave it out.

Currently it is sitting on the fireplace mantel.  I’m not really sure what I want to with the mantel yet.  Suggestions are welcome. 🙂  Here are a few pics I just took with my phone.

So there are a few pics.  I know this arrangement sucks.  I foresee a shopping trip to Target soon. 😉


Jun 282011

The other day I hear that Cirque du Soleil was coming to Raleigh.  I saw the show Varekai several years ago while I was living in Austin.  The show was amazing and I’ve been dying to see another one.  This morning I talked to Matt about going next week while they are in town.  When I got to work I searched for tickets and finally found some decent seats for a pretty okay price.  Mind you the ticket prices are not cheap but I think it will totally be worth it.  Matt has never been so I hope he enjoys the show as much as I will.

I walked in this afternoon and sitting on the counter was, you guessed it, my our wedding ALBUM!!!!  YAY!  I was on the phone with my mom so I ran upstairs, changed and then came back down to take a peek.  The book turned out pretty darn good if I must say so.  It only took like a month to finally get everything how I wanted and it’s really cool to see the finished product.  Now I’m just waiting for the canvas I ordered.

It was funny because the other day Matt and I were looking at different sites trying to figure out who to order a canvas print of one of our wedding photos from.  He came across an old Groupon from a company in Raleigh called Canvas on Demand.  I commented on how cool that would have been to find a good deal.  Well wouldn’t you know it, a few minutes later I noticed I had a Groupon alert on my phone.  Lo and behold it was for Canvas on Demand!  And it was EVERYTHING I wanted.  For $46.00 (shipping included) we are getting a 16×20 canvas print.  I am really excited.  I will post a pic once it comes in.


Jun 012011

I will apologize in advance for the craptastic post today.  I’m not feeling so hot.  I think I’m getting strep throat.  BOOO!

Anyway I’ve been working on mine and Matt’s new wedding album.  Honestly I’m a little surprised but I ended up using Shutterfly.  They’ve added a lot of features to their photo books and they have GREAT prices.  Add a $20.00 gift card we have and literally it’s like free.  Haha!  Not really but I think it should only cost around $20.00.

I’ve spend the last two days working on layouts and trying to figure out which pics I want to add.  They have tons of layout templates you can use.  Or if you feel fancy you can make your own.  I’m pretty impressed.  Since I ended up leaving work a little early today I worked on our book until Matt got home.  Then I realized we don’t have all of our wedding pics. 🙁  Matt’s uncle took our pics and did a great job but it doesn’t look like we got some of the ones posted on FB.  I’m hoping he will add these to Shutterfly so I can get better quality pics.

So that has really been my day.  Till tomorrow!