Jun 252012

Today has gone pretty good so far. I am on track to stay right at my 1000 calorie goal. I haven’t had dinner but there is nothing but grilled chicken and salad in my future. I’m not going to lie, I’ve dropped down to 1200 before but never any lower. It’s hard. You don’t realize how much you eat until you count calories. With that being said I can totally do this for 10 days. It’s a short manageable goal. I even worked out with weights today. Watch out!

In other news I finally broke down and bought Fifty Shades of Grey last night. I haven’t started yet but for $10.00 it better be good dammit! Not to mention I’m a little pissed I even bought it. I hadn’t planned to jump on the band wagon.


Jun 242012

The other day yahoo had an article on how a celebrity trainer helps her clients lose 10 lbs in 10 days. So I thought hmmmm I could stick with something for 10 days right? I think I can totally do this but it will require cutting my daily calorie intake down to 1000 or less a day. There is also a workout routine that I might try to follow but I think the work out part might kill me. :). Cutting calories is something I will so every so often. For me this is really the best and easiest way to lose weight.

I went to the grocery today and picked up a few healthier items to add to the salads I will probably end up eating. But I also grabbed some fruits and low cal snacks. My realistic goal for this whole crazy thing is 5 – 7 lbs in 10 days. If I lose 10 that would be great but I would really excited with 7.

The other week when I moved desks I found an old notebook that was pretty much filled with my daily food and the calorie count. This time I think I’ll try to find an app to download. That will probably be a little more accurate. I’ve decided to blog my progress for the next 10 days, maybe not everyday bit enough to keep track of how it’s going so starting tomorrow the calories are getting kicked to the curb. Stay tuned……


Jun 062012

I feel like I should be prepared, you know to run for my life. I mentioned I was back on the work-out wagon. My goal, run 1 mile and not die! I’ve decided a good pace is between 4.5 and 5.0 miles per hour. I know it’s slow but it’s something. Today I managed to go .75 at that rate! Wooo Hooo! I figure if I can run a mile hopefully I can survive a Zombie attack. ūüėČ

Watch out Zombies, I’m getting in shape!


May 302012

for this week. ¬†I finally weighed myself the other day and nearly died when I saw the number….I’m back to what I consider my “heavy” weight so that means my lazy ass is back on the elliptical. ¬†And I’ve decided to add a few random exercises like push ups and jumping jacks to the list. ¬†Plus this helps me stretch a little.

Anyone who knows me knows how incredible UN-flexible I am. ¬†Like super unflexible. ¬†Even as long and lanky kid I wasn’t flexible like the other girls. ¬†I can only blame this on my mom for not letting me take ballet lessons as a kid. ¬†{She didn’t like the ballet teacher.} ¬†HMPH! ¬†Anyway, for years I’ve tried,¬†sporadically¬†of course, to get more flexible. ¬†But that, just like my random work-outs, never actually last too long. ¬†Normally I manage to injure my knee right about the time I’m finding my work-out stride. ¬†No kidding, damn things are always giving out or up or something.

As a kid, like a little kid,¬†I was a cheerleader and we had to wear Keds as part of our uniform. ¬†I would come home and my feet and ankles would be swollen. ¬†Our only thought is that I did some damage to my knees with that and as I got older the soft spots behind my knee caps never toughened up like they should. ¬†In college I hurt my knee moving, to the point I ended up in physical therapy. ¬†The therapist said my hips were out of alignment. ¬†Weird. ¬†After that, my knees would bother me on and off but nothing too bad until I moved to NC. ¬†I was on a work-out kick, thanks to the Exercise on Demand channel, and something I did pulled something and I ended up with a bum knee and a dent in my thigh. ¬†Like a really noticable dent. ¬†It definitely freaked me out. ¬†Back to the¬†orthopedist¬†I went. ¬†He did some x-rays but nothing showed up so I went back to PT. ¬†The dent got a little better after a few sessions but it took months to actually heal and look normal. ¬†Funny thing is I don’t remember it actually hurting. ¬†It just looked weird as hell.

Anyway we’ll see how long this latest kick lasts.


Jan 162012

Of my new, fingers crossed, workout schedule. ¬†The elliptical arrived Friday and Matt and I spent 3 hours that night putting it together. ¬†It really wasn’t that difficult but we ¬†read the directions and made sure we put it together correctly. ūüôā ¬†And by we I mean Matt. ūüėČ

Matt has never really worked out on an elliptical so I think he has been surprised that it really is a pretty good workout. ¬†I had planned to workout when I got home today and in my head I was like “oh yeah piece of cake, I’ll just workout for half an hour.” ¬†OK. About 5 minutes in I was like I’m not gonna make it the full half hour. ¬†So then I set my next, more realistic goal….15 minutes. ¬†Woo hooo! ¬†I made that goal. ūüôā

And you know the best thing, it has a built in FAN!